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Drawing up the list of results is the responsibility of the Examination Board (EB) on behalf of The Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB). The EB exercises judgement as to whether or not each candidate has reached the standard required to qualify for the award and this decision is final in that there is no right of appeal to any other body outside MAGB. At each stage of the award process, careful checks are made to ensure that the EB makes decisions on the basis of full and accurate information.


Queries about Results

If a candidate thinks that an error has been made in a result, they can query it with the Executive Director of the MAGB. Before doing this, the candidate should discuss the result with his/her sponsor. If the candidate still wishes to pursue the query, he/she should write a brief letter to the MAGB Executive Director within three weeks of the date of notification of the result in question.

It is not possible to arrange for scripts to be re-marked, for information about examination performance to be provided (other than that information contained in the letter notifying the candidate of the result), or for previously undisclosed special circumstances to be considered. All queries will be thoroughly investigated, and if any error comes to light, the matter will be referred to the EB. A reply will be sent to the candidate as soon as possible.


Formal Appeals

Should a candidate fail, and after making a query (as above) still be dissatisfied with the MAGB decision, an appeal may be made to the Chairman of the Technical Committee through the MAGB Executive Director. Any such detailed applications must be made within three weeks of the date of reply to the original query.

Appeal can only be made against a ‘fail’ result. The powers of the Chairman of the Technical Committee extend only to establishing that results have been determined in the proper manner, not to changing the decision of the EB, since the EB has been empowered to take such decisions by the MAGB.