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We suggest you keep your workbook in a lever arch file so that additional pages, information or scanned copies of evidence can be easily inserted where appropriate.

You have a maximum of one year from the starting date (as recorded on your workbook) to complete the tasks. We recommend that you, in consultation with your Sponsor, agree a training plan and regular reviews to ensure a timely structured approach to completing your workbook. The Sponsor should sign off each section as you complete it confirming that it has achieved the necessary level.  Once completed you should hand the workbook to your Sponsor for verifying and submitting to your Assessor. Your Sponsor will be informed of the name of your Assessor by the MAGB.

Should the Assessor, with prior notice, ask if a ‘trainee Assessor’ can observe the process the candidate and Sponsor/Internal Verifier will be asked to sign an agreement to this effect. If either the candidate or the Sponsor/Internal Verifier are not comfortable with this they can decline and it will in no way affect the outcome.

You can submit your workbook at any point within the year if you have completed it and are ready to arrange your walk-round.

If the Assessor requires further detail on any part of the workbook you will be informed and a timescale set. You should re-submit the relevant pages when completed to your Sponsor to forward to the Assessor.

Once your walk-round has been completed to the satisfaction of the Assessor your workbook will be returned to you and you will be asked to sign the Assessor’s notes to indicate that you have read and understood the comments made.

If you have any questions or require clarification please first ask your Sponsor and, if necessary, then refer to

Jennie Richards
Training and Development Manager
Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain

Here you can view 4 sample pages from the 50-page FIM Workbook