The MBC (Malting Barley Committee) is the cross-industry body which manages the joint industry malting barley variety quality assessment system. The system has a long history (over 45 years) of working with UK cereal recommended list committees to identify and approve varieties that are of interest to the malting, brewing and distilling industries of the UK. Originally managed by the IoB (Institute of Brewing) Barley Committee, the task migrated to the Malting Barley Committee (MBC) and the brand IoB Approved was changed to IBD Approved, to acknowledge the importance of distilling, and reflect the IoB’s revised name. In 2018 the brand was changed to MBC Approved.

Adminsitration is now provided by the Maltsters Association of Great Britian (MAGB)

Throughout this period, the system has been characterised by:

      • Participation covering the whole grain chain from breeder to brewer and distiller
      • Participation based on members appointed by industry bodies; MAGB, SWA, BBPA and BSPB
      • Willingness by competing businesses to work together in a transparent manner
      • The production of decisions (Approvals) rapidly put into the public domain.

The Malting Barley Committee (MBC) and its subordinate Micromalting Group (MMG) operate this MBC system

Composition of Committees
The Malting Barley Committee comprises a Chair (stakeholder), Deputy/Vice Chair and nominated stakeholders representing BBPA, MAGB and the SWA; it includes non-voting members drawn from BSPB, AHDB and AIC together with persons co-opted to assist the working of the committee.

The Micromalting Group comprises a Chair and Deputy/Vice Chair appointed by the MBC and responsible for leading on Brewing and Distilling requirements, representatives from the contributing micro-malting laboratories, the AHDB data-handler and persons co-opted to assist the working of the committee including SWRI and SRUC.

Operating system
The Malting Barley Committee (MBC) has a tiered committee system in managing the MBC Approval system.