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Malting Barley Committee

The Malting Barley Committee is formed of the following members:

  • 2 x MAGB reps
  • 2 x SWA reps
  • 2 x BBPA reps
  • 1 x MMG – Chair with V-C as alternate, no requirement for both to attend
  • 1 x MAGB rep on AHDB BOOCCC
  • 1 x AHDB rep
  • 1 x SRUC/NIAB rep – suggested that perhaps SRUC attend Scotland (usually Edinburgh) meeting and NIAB attend England (usually Peterborough) meeting with each rep working together to submit one report for the entire UK.
  • 1 x BSPB – to represent, feed back issues/requests from breeders.  Confidentiality of trial reports must be maintained.  Current incumbent Mr Jeremy Widdowson.  Requires an alternate (Penny Mapelstone suggested)
  • 1 x AIC Seeds Cttee rep
  • 1 x IBD rep
  • 1 x MAGB Secretariat
  • 1 x co-opted industry member – currently Dr James Brosnan (SWRI)
MBC Micromalting Group

The MBC Micromalting Group is formed of the following members:

  • 2 x MAGB reps (Chairman and Vice-Chairman)
  • 1 x rep from each industry laboratory contributing data to the Group
  • 1 x NIAB rep
  • 1 x SRUC rep
  • 1 x SWRI rep
  • 2 x AHDB reps