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The malting industry in the UK is an important link in the food and drink supply chain, its products are used all round the world. Best known in beer and whisky, malt is also used in a wide range of food products such as breakfast cereals, pickles, sauces and confectionery.

Malting’s are situated all around the UK, with most down the east coast of England. A map showing the UK malting sites can be viewed here

As with many process industries there are a variety of roles to be maintained. Companies have their own training programmes built around the needs of the company and their employees. To compliment these the MAGB also runs training courses and industry examinations.

Given the current situation with Covid we are planning to run all training virtually and exams from venues local to the candidates. If things change we may reconsider this but will negotiate with those who have signed up for the various events before making a final decision.

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