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Technical matters associated with any aspect of malting are managed by the Technical Committee, a standing committee of the association.

Technical topics include food safety, for which the MAGB considers proposed legislation and comments on it. A collaborative contaminants survey is held annually for a risk-based due diligence programme to provide comprehensive information on barley and malt.

Forums established by the Executive are managed by the Technical Committee, including those on Health, Safety & Environment. Where appropriate, these forums develop guideline documents for best practice with a view to improving the performance of the sector as a whole.

The various qualifications in malting science and practice are developed and maintained in co-operation with the Malting Diploma Association. Training for these qualifications is arranged annually to assist candidates.

Representation is maintained on various outside bodies, notably the AHDB Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee, the stakeholders’ group of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Science and Technology in Agriculture, the Malting Analyte Proficiency Scheme (MAPS) as well as the Technical Committee of Euromalt.

Good communication is maintained with representatives of growers, brewers and distillers, as well as other agencies such as the James Hutton Institute, the Scotch Whisky Research Institute and the Food Standards Agency.

Any questions on technical matters should in the first instance be directed to the MAGB via our contact form