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Open to persons of any age, employed or studying within the UK Malting, Brewing, Distilling or Grain and Associated Industries.


A limited number of scholarships are awarded each year for educational courses, or travel projects of an educational nature, which, in the opinion of the Trustees, will help develop the character and skills of the applicant.


Of varying value, but not usually in excess of £1000.

  • The decision of the Trustees shall be final
  • The grant shall only be used for the stated purpose, for which the Trustees may require proof.
  • Each request shall be made on an official application form, obtainable from the Clerk to the Trustees. This must be countersigned by the applicant’s employer.
  • Following the completion of his/her course/project, the recipient of a scholarship shall be required to make a written report on the benefit or achievement realised.
  • This report may be used for advertisement or other purposes at the discretion of the Trustees.