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The latest update has been released and is available here BBPA/CBRI Agrochemical List for Use on Barley

This list is intended to assist brewers to comply with relevant EU and UK law relating to agrochemicals and to maintain the quality and safety of beer. Tests on agrochemicals are undertaken as a result that, because of their chemical nature or timing of application they could potentially either affect the malting, brewing or fermentation processes, or cause undesirable off-flavours in the finished beer.

The Accepted List for barley is a comprehensive list of active ingredients registered in the UK for use on barley. Users outside the UK will need to check whether listed chemicals are approved for use in their own countries. Products are withdrawn from the list if they are no longer registered in the UK by the CRD, even though they do not cause problems in terms of processing.

Where the local MRL’s are provided with reference to EU MRL’s, all listed agrochemicals are classed as ACCEPTED, NOT ACCEPTED or NOT TESTED OR ACCEPTED. Agrochemicals accepted for barley are also accepted for wheat for malting and brewing, provided that they are registered for that use by the CRD. Note there are a few pesticides registered for use on wheat that are not registered for barley; these have not been evaluated for potential effects in malting or brewing and are therefore not included in this list. Product names are now no longer listed in this document, due to the changing nature of products on the market. Full product listings for barley and hops are available on the CRD website.