Technical Committee

The MAGB Technical Committee looks after all issues of a technical nature which impact on, influence the actions of, or give improvements in the manufacture of malt. It meets several times each year under the guidance of an elected Chairman, who serves in that role for three years. This gives continuity to the committee's work coverage, particularly as the Vice Chairman also serves for three years before taking over the Chairmanship. Specific issues are covered by nominated workgroups, whose recent successes have included the MAGB HACCP Guide for Malting and the development of the Assured UK Malt Standard.

Minutes of Committee meetings can be viewed here.

The current committee is listed below:

Dr Dan Cooper Chairman Boortmalt
Dr David Griggs Member Crisp Malt
Steve Rowley Member Simpsons Malt Ltd
Dr Richard Broadbent Member Bairds Malt Ltd
Mark Warren Member Soufflet Malt UK Ltd
Amanda K Main Member Diageo Scotland Ltd
Dr Nigel Davies Member Muntons Plc
Dr Julian South Secretariat MAGB
Sue Capewell Secretariat MAGB