Press Release - Maltsters Association of Great Britain Annual Event

Maltsters’ Chairman outlines the challenges ahead for the malting sector with Brexit on the horizon

The Chairman of the Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain (MAGB), Roger Woodley of Bairds Malt Ltd, described the preparations strong performance of British maltsters in readiness for the challenges ahead with Brexit negotiations.  He was speaking at the annual meeting of the MAGB to guests from organisations who work with the malting sector through the year to assure safety and quality in a strong supply chain.

The UK ranks as 5th nation globally for malt production, and 2nd in Europe. Maltsters support a vibrant brewing sector, and a whisky sector that is the UK’s largest food & drinks exporter as it continues to grow in value. Malt demand from Scottish distillers has more than doubled over the past fifteen years to reach over 800,000 tonnes annually.

With sales to the US and SE Asia particularly important, exports of UK malt are delivered to over fifty countries worldwide.

The continued supply of high quality malting barley was emphasised, a key factor for producing malt at the right price and quality for customers in the brewing, distilling and food sectors.  Concerns about regulatory changes in food safety, free trade agreements, and farming support were discussed.  These were key areas where the MAGB will be working to support the industry as the UK negotiates a smooth exit from the European Union.






MAGB represents all aspects of the malting industry including distiller maltsters who produce malt for their own use and those companies who produce malt to sell in the UK and abroad.  Its 12 members represent 98 per cent of the malt produced in the UK each year.  The MAGB’s purpose is to promote and safeguard the UK malting industry, so enabling it to fulfil its worldwide potential. 

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