General Certificate of Malting


The General Certificate in Malting gives international recognition of a basic, under-pinning knowledge and understanding in the principles of malting operations. The qualification is offered by both the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD), as a stand-alone qualification, and the Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain (MAGB) as part of their Certificate in Malting Competence (CMC) qualification. 

The General Certificate in Malting has been designed for candidates who may have little or no formal academic or technical qualification and will often be employed as a senior operator or technician in a malthouse, or will be graduates or managers new to the malting business. The scope of these examinations will also enable those from smaller malting operations to obtain this recognised qualification, and are open to anybody with an interest in malt production. They are a measure of basic knowledge (theoretical and practical) underpinning cereal growing, malt production and associated operations.

  • The General Certificate in Malting can be an end in itself, or the start of professional development leading to further qualifications in malting.
  • The General Certificate in Malting is accredited at Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework in the UK (or equivalent internationally recognised standards).
  • The General Certificate in Malting takes the form of one multiple choice paper of two hours.
  • The General Certificate in Malting is a module forming part of the MAGB’s Certificate of Malting Competence.

Some exam centres offer on-line versions of the exam rather than using the traditional paper format. The exam itself appears on the screen very much like the paper version and with the same number of questions, but there are various different ways of asking the questions which make the exam a more interesting experience. The marking is done electronically. 

The pass mark is set at 66% (40 correct answers from 60 questions) for all IBD General Certificate exams. Candidates attaining 90% or more achieve a Distinction pass and between 80% and 89% achieve a Credit pass.

Registration Fees

Registration for this exam is now open.  Your company will be invoiced once your registration has been accepted. The next exams are scheduled to be taken:

Dates for next Examinations
Exam Date Early Bird Deadline (EBD) (EBD) Fee* Final Deadline (FD) (FD) Fee*
13-Nov-18 23-Jul-18 £255 1-Sep-18 £305
8-May-19 31 Jan 19 £255 1-Mar-19 £305
13-Nov-19 31-Jul-19 £255 1-Sep-19 £306

*UK applicants are subject to VAT at 20%

A candidates welcome pack is available here

The full list of sections in the GCM syllabus is as follows:-
  1. Cereals; their uses for malting and beer/spirit production.
  2. Malting; overview and requirements.
  3. Barley growing and harvesting.
  4. Malting – Barley intake and storage.
  5. Malting - Steeping.
  6. Malting - Germination.
  7. Malting - Kilning.
  8. Malting - Storage and Dispatch.
  9. Speciality Malt Production.
  10. Malt Quality and Process Control.
  11. Beer types; raw materials and sweet wort production.
  12. Distilled spirits; raw materials and wort production.
  13. Safety in the Malt Plant.
  14. Quality Management.
  15. Plant cleaning; cleaning in-place (CIP), pest control and general hygiene.
  16. Engineering Maintenance.
  17. Utilities; energy, water and effluent in malting
  18. Malting and the Environment.

More detailed information about the content of each section can be found here