Master Maltster

General Information

Subject to there being sufficient candidates, the MAGB Master Maltster Examination will be held during the week beginning 25th June 2018 in the UK.

The criteria for entry to take the examination is a pass in the MAGB Malting Diploma Examination within the past five years.  Candidates will be allowed two attempts to gain a pass in the Master Maltster exams.


Each candidate must be sponsored by a person normally within their own company, who will be approved by the MAGB.  It is expected that your sponsor for the Malting Diploma will fulfil this role and therefore will have received all supporting information.  Please inform the MAGB if this is not the case.

The Examination

The Examination consists of three parts:

A project, which must be of between 5,000 and 7,500 words, to be submitted to the MAGB in duplicate by Friday 23rd March 2018.  Projects of either below 5,000 or above 7,500 words will be returned to you for correction.  The project will be marked and you will be informed of the results before the case study and oral exam in June 2018.  Should your project fail you will be able to submit your reworked project in order to be considered for the Master Maltster in future years. 

A case study – a 3 hour exam on a topic of relevance to malting.  This exam will be based on a set of detailed case study notes that candidates will be required to interpret and make observations and recommendations that would be of a calibre suitable for major decisions at board level.  As such candidates will need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge not only of malting process operations, but of the compliance and legislative and management issues that are needed to successfully manage a project and analyse in depth the various options, risks, costs and benefits.

An oral exam – up to 1 hour questioning by a panel of at least three Examiners on aspects of your project plus the exam syllabus.  You will be permitted to bring your project into this exam to refer to.

The Award

The Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain will award a certificate to successful candidates.  This qualification will be ‘The Master Maltster’ awarded by the MAGB, and holders are entitled to use the designation M.Malt.

Queries about Results & Formal Appeals

Drawing up the list of results is the responsibility of the Examination Board (EB) on behalf of The Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB). The EB exercises judgement as to whether or not each candidate has reached the standard required to qualify for the award of a Master Maltster and this decision is final in that there is no right of appeal to any other body outside MAGB. At each stage of the award process, careful checks are made to ensure that the EB makes decisions on the basis of full and accurate information.


The final date for registration for the examination is Friday 15th December 2017.  The Registration Form is on the MAGB  website for on-line completion and requires input from your sponsor.

Final date for registration and submission of synopsis of project*

by Friday 15th December 2017

Submission of completed project Friday 23rd March 2018
Case Study and Oral examination During the week beginning Monday 25th June 2018

*A synopsis can be submitted in advance of the closing date. Should amendments be required by the Examiners early submission could avoid problems with time constraints later on.

Registration Fees

The registration fee for the examination for employees of MAGB members will be £200 plus VAT per candidate, with a fee of £300 plus VAT to take the case study and oral exam. For all other candidates, the registration fee will be £400 plus VAT and the case study and exam fee £600 plus VAT. Your company will be invoiced once your registration has been accepted.

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