The Malt Analytes
Proficiency Testing Scheme (MAPS)


Launched in January 1997 this scheme is operated by LGC, a leading provider of proficiency testing (PT) schemes, with significant technical expertise in malt and barley analysis.  They currently have over 130 participating laboratories from more than 40 countries on all continents.

•  UKAS accredited proficiency testing to ISO/IEC 17043;
•  Comprehensive range of analysis for malt and barley;
•  Independent assessment of measurement quality;
•  Rapid confidential reporting of results;
•  Dedicated data submission and reporting software - PORTAL
    (Proficiency Online Reporting and Trend AnaLysis).
Aims of MAPS:
  • Promote quality and comparability in the measurement of a range of analytes in malt and barley;
  • Help laboratories monitor and improve the quality of their analytical measurements;
  • Enable laboratories to demonstrate competence with respect to regulatory standards;
  • Provide information to participants on technical issues and methodologies related to the examination of malt and barley.
Benefits of MAPS participation:
  • Provides laboratories with a mechanism to compare their measurements with others in the industry;
  • Enables laboratories to demonstrate the quality of their results to third parties  e.g. customers, regulators and accreditation bodies;
  • Facilitates the monitoring of trends, over time, in the quality of measurements; 
  • Assists in the evaluation of methods and instrumentation;
  • Helps and educates laboratory staff and their customers.


Scheme Operation:

The MAPS scheme year operates from January to December. Test materials of brewers/distillers malts and barley are distributed on monthly basis with distribution dates detailed in the MAPS application form.

Brewers and distillers malts:

Test materials are from the full range of malts used for brewing and distilling.


Test materials are from a wide range of Spring/Winter barleys and are analysed for a wide range of EBC (European Brewing Convention) and IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) methods as well as a number of other physical and chemical methods.  

Mycotoxin analysis:

Two mycotoxins regularly screened for in the malting industry - Ochratoxin A and DON (deoxynivalenol) will  be available for analysis in malt flour matrix which is representative of any cereal matrix and similar foods.

All test parameters are continually reviewed to ensure they meet current laboratory testing and regulatory requirements.

From time to time new materials and tests may be added to this scheme.  Not all these will be included in  our scope of accreditation, please check the current scheme description available on our website.


Participant results for the MAPS scheme are returned through our electronic reporting software, PORTAL.  Full instructions for the use of the PORTAL system are provided on registration; features include result reporting by multiple analysts and using multiple methods. 

Participants are informed by e-mail that their reports are available to download within 10 days of the reporting deadline.


For further information about the MAPS Scheme contact: LGC Standards Proficiency Testing
1 Chamberhall Business Park, Chamberhall Green, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0AP
Tel +44 (0)161 762 2500  Fax +44 (0)161 762 2501

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