Malting Diploma Association

         Welcome to the Malting Diploma Association (MDA).


The MDA held their 2018 AGM in Edinburgh on 5th June where 2 successful Malting Diploma candidates and one successful Master Maltster candidate from the 2017 exams received their certificates. 

The Malting Diploma Association (MDA) was formed in 1982 by successful candidates of the Maltsters' Association of Great Britain (MAGB) Malting Diploma examination.  This was the first such award in the malting world, and has attracted candidates from outside the UK for several years

Click here to view a list of all successful candidates since the inception of the Malting Diploma examination in 1981.

The MDA aims to encourage the continuous development of its members to the benefit of the malting industry as a whole.

In addition, the MDA provides support to candidates working towards the Malting Diploma and Master Maltster. Subject to numbers registering, exams take place every year and in the past candidates from UK, the USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Russia have sat the examination.

On behalf of the MAGB, the MDA provides the examination committee and support for candidates taking the General Certificate in Malting and the Fundamentals in Malting.  Candidates who achieve both are then awarded the Certificate in Malting Competence.  The GCM is an international exam but the FIM is available to UK based employees of malting companies, other candidates are considered via agreement with the examining committee. 

MDA membership currently stands at 56 holders of the Diploma, with members working in the UK, the USA, Germany, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Russia.

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For more information about our association, please contact the MDA:

c/o The MAGB Office
1st Floor, Exchange Business Centre
Water Lane
Newark, Notts
NG24 1HA
Tel No: 01636 700781

For information about the Malting Diploma, Master Maltster and Certificate of Malting Competence go to Exams or contact Jennie Richards at the MAGB on telephone number 01636 700781 or by e-mail at