Malting Barley Committee

The IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) system has a long history (over 40 years) of working with UK cereal recommended list committees to identify and Approve varieties that are of interest to the malting, brewing and distilling industries of England and Scotland.  Originally managed by the IoB (Institute of Brewing) Barley Committee, the task migrated to the Malting Barley Committee (MBC) and the brand was later changed from IoB Approval to IBD Approval, to acknowledge the importance of distilling and reflect the IoB’s revised name. IBD is effectively a brand designed to guide the UK industry, but widely recognised abroad.  Responsibility for Approval decisions now rests with the MBC.

Throughout this period the system has been characterised by:

  • Participation covering the whole grain chain from breeder to brewer and distiller;
  • Participation based on members appointed by industry bodies eg MAGB, BSPB;
  • Willingness by competing businesses to work together in a transparent manner;
  • The production of decisions (Approvals) rapidly put into the public domain.


The objectives, composition and operation of the Malting Barley Committee’s (MBC) three layers of Committees operating the IBD system are detailed here.

An overview of the IBD evaluation process for new malting varieties can be viewed here.  

Download the full IBD Approval Procedure & System document here.

Since 2002 the MAGB has carried out all administrative duties associated with the IBD Malting Barley Committee new variety evaluation work, and publicity of the Recommended List for malting barley.

In 2012 meetings of the Scottish and English Working Parties, SWP and EWP, were combined and named the MBC Working Party (WP). With effect from 2016, the brewing and distilling micro-malting data will be scrutinised by a single Micro-malting group (MMG) drawing on expertise formerly held within the English and Scottish Micro-Malting Groups.

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