Examples of Good Site Management

A selection of images showing good examples of vehicle and pedestrian management on maltings sites.

  • Barley Deliveries - SLOW
    Barley Deliveries - SLOW
    Vehicles entering a maltings site will find ramps and signage marked indicating the action they should take.
  • Clear Walkway
    Clear Walkway
    Markings show where pedestrians should walk for safety.  In the distance the post sited in the walkway has been painted yellow to make it more visible.
  • Disabled Parking
    Disabled Parking
    Easily identified by the yellow lines and a yellow wheelchair symbol within the space. Areas around these parking bays should be hatched in yellow allowing access for the user.
  • Loading Bay
    Loading Bay
    Outlined in white and easily accessible for vehicles. Large hatched areas either side of these loading bays gives access to fork lift trucks to assist loading.
  • Painted Post
    Painted Post
    Posts sited within pedestrian walkways are painted yellow to avoid anyone walking into them. Here there are one in the foreground and one further back along the path.
  • Site Map
    Site Map
    A detailed site plan at the entrance helps people identify where they need to be on site and how to arrive there safely.
  • Traffic Calming
    Traffic Calming
    Speed humps are placed across the road to slow traffic on site and should be identified as shown here with yellow and black stripes.
  • Zebra Crossing
    Zebra Crossing
    A pedestrian crossing over a vehicle access road.  Note at the other side there is a yellow swing gate to stop anyone from walking straight out into the road coming from the far side.