For those of you wishing to extend your remit of energy efficiency we have some new content from the Carbon Trust that we can share with you and hope that you’ll find useful. They have produced an Expert in Energy series which are free monthly low carbon business guides, web advice and webinar sessions to help businesses save money and reduce their energy use. This month’s topic is Compressed Air and Carbon Trust has identified that UK businesses can save up to £110m per year by taking simple no and low cost actions to improve their systems and processes. Previous topics also featured as part of the series and accessed through the above link include; Energy Management, Heating, Lighting, Heat Recovery and Motors and Drives. View the full suite of featured content at

Carbon Trust have also recently launched a new online tool which makes employees the ‘secret weapon’ against rising energy bills. Employees could save UK businesses and public bodies £500m and two million tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of all the households in Birmingham – thanks to a new, online office tool called ‘Carbon Trust Empower™'. It enables employees to make practical commitments through an interactive animated tour of a typical office based workplace, and which can provide the springboard for larger organisations to raise the bar through ambitious internal behavioural change programmes. The tool is free to use and can be accessed here –