25th Anniversary of the Trust

Following a successful relaunch of the Macpherson Memorial Trust in this 25th anniversary year 10 Macpherson guests attended the MAGB Annual Luncheon held on Tuesday 1st November 2011 at the Armourers’ Hall in London.
MAGB Chairman 2009-11In his address at the luncheon the MAGB Chairman, Mr Steve Rowley, gave a warm welcome to all Macpherson guests, explaining the Trust had been set up 25 years ago by the UK malting industry in memory of Tim Macpherson, Managing Director of ABM, who was killed in Sri Lanka in 1986. He hoped all had had a chance to view earlier the display set up in the reception room. The Trust makes awards to assist members of the malting, brewing and distilling industries in the UK to take on personal challenges, and in so doing to develop themselves in a meaningful way.
Mr Rowley introduced Mr Peter Simmonds who, as one of the founding members of the Macpherson Memorial Trust, was invited to say a few words about Tim Macpherson and the Trust.  Mr Simmonds explained the Trust had been created as a memorial to Tim Macpherson who was an exceptional man and a larger than life character, honouring his commitment to the malting industry and his memory, after his untimely death in Sri Lanka in 1986 during a family holiday.  His wife and youngest daughter also lost their lives. Mr Simmonds was pleased to see so many Macpherson guests at the luncheon, giving a special welcome to Tim Macpherson's other daughters Louie and Kate.
Mr Simmonds concluded his speech by mentioning the display created for the day highlighting the achievements of those who had received scholarships over the past 25 year period of the Trust.
The Chairman thanked Mr Simmonds for his words about Tim Macpherson, and announced the presentation of the Macpherson Award.  This is presented to the candidate who achieves exceptional results in  the MAGB exams.  
 Mrs Louie Warburton Lee presenting to Michael McAskill
This year the award went to Mr Michael McAskill of Simpsons Malt Ltd who achieved high results in all parts of the Certificate of Malting Competence exams.
Mrs Louie Warburton Lee presented the award to Mr Michael McAskill, congratulating him on his achievement.
All were invited once again to take time to look at the Macpherson display which gave a flavour of the various challenges performed by the fund recipients over the past 25th years of the Macpherson Memorial Trust.